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All drivers know that they have to change the engine oil, check the brakes, transmission, and all the other important parts of the vehicle. If you want your expensive investment to look and perform professionally, you should also turn your attention to the exterior. Genesis Detail Garage And Car Care is a reputable car wash company in Camarillo, CA. Our trained and experienced cleaning technicians can treat the interior and exterior of your vehicle. More details are available below. 

Our Services

Mobile Auto Detailing

Mobile Auto Detailing
We provide professional mobile auto detailing services, which means we can do the work on your drive or at the office. Our detailers use various hand tools and equipment to remove contaminants from the windows, doors, roof, tires, rims, and every single surface from the interior. We will vacuum all the carpets and upholstery and eliminate dust and stains from every nook and crevice. 

RV Detailing

RV Detailing
Recreational vehicles (RVs) always pose a challenge due to their size and multiple systems and surfaces to clean. Not for our diligent technicians! We have the experience and skills to wash RVs of any size at all. If you have a medium or extra-large RV, we will take care of the cleanliness for you. We will wipe down all the surfaces and begin washing the exterior starting from the roof. 

Car Detailing Supplies

We also sell cleaning supplies at an affordable price. Everything we have in stock comes from reputable suppliers, and we can personally vouch for their quality because most of what we have on the shelves is what we use to carry out our car detailing service. We have shampoos, wax, air fresheners, silicon cleaners, and much more. Once we have done the hard work, you can use the products to touch up until you book our detailing service again.

Car Wash

Car Wash
We have the necessary equipment and cleaning detergents for the task. Our car wash covers everything you need to have a pristine automobile. We use brushes and special shampoos to remove dust and grime from the roof, windows, doors, fenders, tires, rims, etc. Using microfiber cloths, we will dry the body to prevent any water spots or streaks from occurring. It is a handy service if you need quick results.

Plenty of Perks for You

Our professional car detailing services provide several unquestionable benefits – speed, efficiency, convenience, and even money savings in the long run. Instead of spending your free time cleaning the car, call our company, and we will be delighted to do it for you. Our detailers are competent and know how to achieve excellent results.

Adequate Methods

Book our expert mobile car cleaning service to take care of your automobile. We offer interior and exterior detailing services that you can schedule on your doorstep. Using efficient tools and equipment, we will treat the carpets, upholstery, glass, dashboard, and other surfaces. Our duties also include hand washing, steaming and deodorizing interiors, and applying protective wax and coatings.

Do you have any questions about our work? Get in touch with Genesis Detail Garage And Car Care. We will be glad to answer all of them. Give us a call today. Our business is in Camarillo, CA. 

Client’s Testimonial

I Appreciate Your Help!

Fast service and affordable rates. You, guys, truly exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your great mobile auto detailing service. I didn't even have to leave my house to get my car sparkling clean. I will call you again for sure!

Willie Jacobs
Willie Jacobs
My automobile received a thorough interior and exterior detailing from a used car detailing service, and the results were fantastic! My car looked virtually brand new once they were done, and the personnel was polite and knowledgable about their services. For all of your auto detailing needs, I heartily recommend this company.
Ibrahim Aslo
Ibrahim Aslo
My car looks brand new from getting scuffs out, especially the rims. Excellent customer service and very respectful.
Hugo Juice
Hugo Juice
A todo hogar. El compa me iso hook up por primera vez en la spot rinse water. Gracias

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